Sublimatsion print

We produce textile accessories for women, men and children of all ages. We can print and design on sublimation fabric for unique and personalized products. Our necktie accessories choice is wide – there is a little we can’t do in this field. A huge part of our sublimation print production goes to schools, government agencies, workwear and business gifts. We also produce neckwear to a lot of clubs, marketing events and private customers. 

We can make some very exiting and persoAnalized accessories, gifts and workwear ties with out sublimation technology. Neckwear and other textiles are made on site and are 100% handmade. You can add your logo, trademark or national motive on your accessories. Let us help to make your ties special.


If you are looking for a necktie with your own logo, insignia or even with your own drawing then our sublimation technology is definitely the right step. Our production is quick and quantities can be small. Also, every tie design can be different. As long as it fits a print sheet. If in need, our team can help design and come up with ideas. 

We work closely together with out customers to give our best to get innovative and beautiful results. 


The sublimation print is performed on a white cloth containing at least 70% polyester. The water-based color is printed on sublimation paper and is applied to the fabric through the heating process. The result is soft and smooth, similar to a woven fabric. Colors are bright and clear.

The maximum printing area is 110 x 85 cm. The printed fabric must be resistant to temperatures of up to 200 ° C. The printout can only be executed on a single layer fabric or on a part of it (not on the ready made clothing like T-shirt for example).


Once printing is finished, our seamstresses will make it into your preferred neckties. You can choose the size of a scarf/tie and let us know of any special wishes. We love innovative ideas and will always try to meet our customers requirements. All our manufacturing is handmade in our Tallinn factory. This ensures production quality with a little bit of added love and care.  

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